Digital delivery bill

Receive delivery bills directly to your end device and be conveniently navigated to the job site

Tired of it for a long time?

Do you receive illegible or only partially completed delivery bills or no delivery bills at all back from the construction site, which delays your invoice run? Is the manual reworking of your delivery bills costing you valuable resources? Your acquisition costs for printing paper are skyrocketing? Your archive is bursting at the seams due to the 10-year retention period?

Then it's time to switch to the digital delivery bill!

Together with our partner BST Media, we have the right solution for you, the Logistics Assistant.

Your advantages

Speed and efficiency
Paper reduction
Easy search and archiving
Improved customer communication
Cib Modules

Seamless integration

This application integrates seamlessly with CIBDISPO and CIBFAKTURA.

That's what the logistics assistant does for you!

Fast, digital and integratable into your CIB infrastructure.

Directly to your mobile device

Equip your vehicle fleet with our partner's mobile devices and receive your delivery bills directly on the display of the end device.

Your drivers can be navigated to the construction sites with the data transferred to the end devices and then digitally record the special services and waiting times incurred there on site. Once the unloading process is complete, the end customer signs directly on the tablet and then receives the fully laid out delivery bill by e-mail.

Easy testing & approval

The data entered in the application at the construction site is automatically written back to CIBDISPO, allowing you to easily and quickly check and release it to CIBFAKTURA.

Mandatory fields and rights management

When setting up the logistics assistant, you have the option to decide which fields and times must be maintained, as well as which data should be visible to the driver. The integration of forwarders is also possible without any problems.

Other Highlight-Features

In addition to the digital delivery bill, the Logistics Assistant also offers you other features that can optimize the processes in your company.
  • Driver's license check

  • Departure control

  • Navigation

  • Digital activity record

  • Time recording

  • Briefings

The introduction of the digital delivery bill has proved to be uncomplicated and a great relief for our operation. Our pump machinists have accepted the new digital process very well and were quickly able to operate the software and hardware independently. The digitalization of the delivery bills incl. signature and automatic dispatch to the customer, has brought real added value to our company and our customers, we now work more effectively and environmentally friendly!

Dennis Schildmann
Dispatcher at Dörgeloth Betonpumpen GmbH & Co. KG

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